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The 23rd November 1993

(Published in Orissa Gazette on the 13th December 1993)

No. 25673 – 2R/1-69/93-Gen. – In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution of India the Governor of Orissa is pleased to make the following rules, to regulate the method of Recruitment to all Class-III Civil posts and services under the State Government which form the State Cadres, namely :-

Short Title and commenceme-nt.

1. (1) These rules may be called the Orissa Staff Selection Commission Rules, 1993.

(2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Orissa Gazette.


2. In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires -
























“Collector” means the Collector of the District;


“Commission’ means the Staff Selection commission constituted under Rule 3 of these rules;


“Department of Government” means the Administrative Department of Government;


“District Superintendent” means the Additional District Magistrate in charge of the District Establishment of a district;


“Government” means the State Government of Orissa;


“Heads of Department” means the Heads of Department as specified in Appendix III appended to the Orissa Service Code;


“Secretary” means the 1[Secretary of the Commission];


“Scheduled Castes” and “Scheduled Tribes” means such castes and tribes as notified by the President of India under Articles 341 and 342, respectively, of the Constitution of India from time to time;


“State” means the State of Orissa;


“Superintendent” means the Sub-Collector of a Revenue Sub-division;


“Year” means a calendar year;

Constitution of Staff Selection Commission & its function.

3. (1) There shall be a Staff Selection Commission in the State.

(2) 2[The Headquarters of the Commission shall be located at such place as may be determined by the Government from time to time.]


(3) The Commission shall consists of a Chairman and a Member to be appointed by Government.

(4) There shall be a Secretary and such other staff appointed by Government to assist the Commission in its day to day functioning.



Substituted vide G. A. Department Notification No. 19439, dated the 28th June 1999.



Substituted vide G. A. Department Notification No. 12227, dated the 25th May 1998.

(5) The rank of the Chairman and Member of the Commission shall be such as may be determined by the Government from time to time.

(6) 1[The Commission shall function under the administrative control of the General Administration Department.]

(7) The Chairman of the Commission shall exercise all the administrative and financial powers vested in Heads of Department and the Secretary shall function as the Heads of office.

(8) The Commission shall conduct the recruitment examination for all Class III Civil Services/Posts under the State Government as mentioned in Rule 4 and ensure the declaration of the results of the said examinations.

(9) The Commission shall formulate a set of regulation to regulate the manner for conducting recruitment examinations.

(10) 2[The Chairman shall nominate expert (s) in particular discipline/trade for each selection wherever necessary from among the State Government officers, Professors of Universities of the State or Academicians or Officers of Government of India or of other state or of Public Sector Undertakings whether in service or retired and from among other eminent persons having specialise knowledge in the particular discipline/trade.]

(11) The Secretary shall be responsible for carrying out the entire process of conducting the recruitment examinations including appointment of the question setters/examiners, obtaining question papers, keeping them in safe custody, ensuring the identity of the candidates, timely supply of question papers, to the different centers, proper invigilation, safe custody of answer books, tabulation of marks obtained by candidates in such examinations and publishing the results 3[under the supervision of the Chairman.]

Direct Recruitment

4. The Commission shall conduct direct recruitment through competitive examination in respect of Class III Civil Posts/Services as listed under Schedule I:


Provided that the Government may, from time to time, include in the list any service/post under Schedule I or exclude and service/post from the said list by Notification in Official Gazette.

Intimation to the Commission,

5. The Department of Government/Heads of Department shall every year in the month of January intimate the Commission indicating the number of vacancies including those anticipated in course of the year in Form A.

Advertisement of vacancies.

6. On receipt of intimations of vacancies under rule 4, the Secretary in consultation with the Chairman shall issue advertisement in the leading local newspapers inviting application from eligible candidates for appearing in the competitive recruitment examination.


Note – The application for the competitive examination may be in such form as may be decided by the Commission.

Eligibility of Candidate.

7. (1) A candidate in order to be eligible for appearing at the competitive examination must satisfy the following conditions, namely :-
























He shall be a citizen of India;


He shall possess requisite qualification prescribed for the post/service in the recruitment rule or instruction for which examination is being conducted.


4[His age shall not be less than the minimum age limit as prescribed under rule 15 A of the Orissa Service Code on the first day of January of the year in which recruitment is held, and his age shall not be more than the upper age limit as prescribed in the Orissa Civil Service (Fixation of Upper Age-limit) Rules, 1989:

Provided that the maximum age-limit shall be relaxed by five years in case of Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes candidates, ten years in case of physically handicapped candidates, and to such extent as provided in the Orissa ex-Service Men (Recruitment to State Civil Services and Posts) Rules, 1985 in respect of ex-service men.]

1 2 3 & 4.     Substituted vide G. A. Department Notification No. 19439, dated the 28th June 1999.




He shall be of good character.


He shall be of sound health, good physique and active habits and free from organic defects or bodily infirmity.

Note - This provision shall not be applicable in case of physically handicapped candidates.











He must have passed Middle School examination with Oriya as a language subject :








have passed Matriculation or equivalent examination with Oriya as medium of examination in non-language subject;


have passed in Oriya as language subject in the final examination of Class VII or above :


have passed a test in Oriya in Middle English School Standard conducted by the Education Department;


He must have required physical standard/other technical qualifications in respect of any service or post if any, specified under relevant recruitment rules/instructions.


He must fulfill any other special condition as may be specified under relevant recruitment rules/instructions.

(2) No person who has more than one spouse living shall be eligible for appearing at the competitive examination.

NOTE – If the competitive examination could not be conducted by the commission in any particular year and the likely vacancies for that year are combined with the likely vacancies of the subsequent year, the candidates eligible to appear at the examination for the year for which examination could not be held shall be entitled to appear at the examination held in the subsequent year.

Admission of the candidate to examination.

8. The decision of the Chairman as to the eligibility or otherwise of a candidate for admission to any examination shall be final.

Preference for the posts by the candidate.

9. A candidate is required to indicate the order of preference for the post for which he intends to appear at the combined competitive examination and the service in which he wants to be appointed, if selected, in his application form, in case the Commission decides to conduct an examination for common category of posts.

Examination fees and remuneration to examiners.

10. (1) No application for admission to any examination shall be considered unless it is accompanied by a Treasury Challan showing payment in the Government Treasury, the examination fees as specified in the advertisement :




Provided that the candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes shall not pay any such examination fee.

(2) No claim for refund of fees shall be entertained in any circumstances.

(3) The Commission shall decide the rates of remuneration payable to different examiners/staff/officers/Invigilators engaged in connection with the examination.

Competitive examination.

11. (1) competitive Examination shall be held at a center or centers to be announced by the Commission considering the number of the candidates appearing for the said examination.


(2) The Commission may fix up such centers at the district or sub-divisional headquarters. If necessary, in consultation with the Collectors. The date, time and place for the examination shall be intimated to the candidates at least one month before the examination 1[and the same shall be published sufficiently ahead in two leading local newspapers].

Arrangements for and conduct of the examination.

12. (1) The District Superintendent or the Superintendent, as the case may be, shall conduct the written examination under guidance and direction of the Commission.

(2) The District Superintendent shall in consultation with the Commission appoint as many as Deputy Superintendents from among the Gazetted Officers under his jurisdiction in order to ensure smooth conduct of the said written examination in the district.










(3) The District Superintendent and the Superintendent shall have power for requisitioning the local educational building 2[or the buildings belonging to the State Government, Public Sector Undertakings or the like for the purpose of conducting the examination].

(4) The examination shall be held preferably on any public holidays so that the education of the students does not suffer.

(5) The District Superintendent shall have power to appoint required number of Invigilators from among the Gazetted or responsible non-Gazetted officers under his jurisdiction.

(6) The District Superintendent or the Superintendent, as the case may be shall make necessary sitting arrangements for the candidates admitted for the examination.

(7) The District Superintendent/Superintendent shall have the power to recommend any penalty under Rule 18 of these rules to the Commission and orders of the Commission in this respect shall be final.

(8) the District Superintendent/Superintendent shall ensure safe custody and despatch of all confidential matters relating to the examination.

(9) Whenever necessary the District Superintendent/Superintendent may seek advice of the Collector and the Collector may give instructions in the interest of impartiality and fair play in conducting the examination.

(10) Setting of questions and evaluation of the answer papers shall be done centrally.

(11) Invigilators and Supervisors of the written examination shall be appointed from outside the Sub-division as far as practicable.

Plan of examination.

3[13. The commission shall conduct the recruitment examination as per the syllabus and the pattern of examination as may be decided by them in consultation with the concerned Administrative Department of State Government. However, while fixing up the marks for the oral test/interview/personality test, the Commission and Administrative Department shall ensure that the marks allotted to such oral test/interview/personality test shall not exceed 12.2% of the total marks allotted.]

Selection of candidates.

14. The following guidelines shall be followed in conducting recruitment to various posts and services by the Commission, namely :-
















There shall be a written test for every category of recruitment.


In addition to the written test viva voce test may be conducted by Commission if it is satisfied that such test is necessary to select candidates for the post for which examination is held.


Method of central evaluation of answer papers shall be such as may be decided by the Commission.


1 & 3. Added vide G. A. Department Notification No. 19439-Gen., dated the 28th June 1999.


2. Inserted vide G. A. Department Notification No. 19439-Gen., dated the 28th June 1999.


If two or more candidates have obtained equal marks in the aggregate, the order of merit shall be determined in accordance with the marks secured by such candidates in their respective academic career and if the marks thus secured are equal then the merit shall be decided according to their seniority in age.


Any other standards and syllabus prescribed by the Government, if any, for any particular post/service from time to time shall be adopted.

Select list and its validity.

15. (1) The Commission shall prepare the select list of the successful candidates in order of merit on the basis of the recruitment examination which shall be equal to the number of vacancies for which requisitions are received.



(2) The select list shall be published in the notice board of the Commission 1[and in two leading local newspapers] in the form of notification under intimation to the appropriate appointing authority if any specified in the respective recruitment rules.

(3) The select list for each recruitment examination shall be valid for one year from the date of its publication or till the publication of the result of the next recruitment examination whichever is earlier.

Allotment of candidates and seniority.

16. (1) The Commission shall allot candidates in the order in which their names appear in the select list to Departments of Government and Heads of Departments as per their vacancy position intimated under rule 4. At the time of allotment due consideration shall be given to the preference indicated by the candidates in their applications. But the Commission reserves the right to assign any candidate to any service/post with due regard to his merit. Formal orders of appointment shall be issued to such allotted candidates by the appointing authorities concerned.



(2) The relative seniority of a candidate appointed to a post in a particular grade or service by the appointing authority in particular year shall be determined with reference to his position in the select list from which he is appointed.

(3) In case of failure of any selected candidate to join the post, the appointing authority may request the Commission for furnishing a supplementary list of the successful candidates and in that case the Commission shall furnish a supplementary list of successful candidates.


17. Where the Government are of opinion that it is necessary or expedient to do so, they may by order and for reasons to be recorded in writing, relax any of the provisions of these rules in respect of any class or category of persons in public interest.


18. A candidate who is or has been, declared by the Commission to be guilty of -














Obtaining support for his candidature by any means; or


impersonation; or


procuring impersonation by any person; or


submitting fabricated documents, or documents which have been tampered with; or


making statements which are incorrect or false or suppressing material information; or


resorting to any other irregular or improper means in connection with his candidature for the examination; or





adopting unfair means during the examination; or



writing obscene language or pornographic matter, in the scripts; or








misbehaving with fellow examinees or the invigilators in any manner in the examination hall; or


harassing or causing bodily harm to the staff employed/engaged by the Commission for the conduct of the examination; or


violating any of the instructions contained in the admission certificates; or













1. Added vide G. A. Department Notification No. 19439-Gen., dated the 28th June 1999.



attempting to commit or, as the case may be, abetting the Commission of all or any of the acts specified in the foregoing clauses shall be liable -










to be disqualified by the Commission from the examination for which he is candidate; or


to be debarred, either permanently or for a specified period -


(i) by the commission, form appearing in any examination or selection held by them; or


(ii) by the State Government, from entering to any employment under them; or


if he is already in service under Government, to disciplinary action under the appropriate rules;


Provided that no penalty under this rule shall be imposed except after -


(i) giving the candidate an opportunity of making such representation to the Commission or Government, as the case may be, in writing as he may wish to make in that behalf; and


(ii) taking into consideration the representation, if any, submitted by the candidate within the period allowed to him by the Commission or the Government, as the case may be.

Rules not applicable to staff of certain offices.

19. These rules shall not apply to recruitment of the staff of the High Court, the District and Subordinate Courts, the officers of Orissa Public Service Commission, Orissa Legislative Assembly and Governor’s Secretariat.

Overriding effect.

20. Save as otherwise provided, the provisions of these rules shall have overriding effect on the provision of other recruitment rules regulating direct recruitment to the Class III Civil Services/Posts constituting State cadre.


21. If any question arises relating to the interpretation of these rules, it shall be referred to Government in the General Administration Department for decision.




By order of the Governor


Special Secretary to Government


List of Civil Posts/Services

(See rule 4)

Sl No.

Name of the Department


Name of the Posts/Services














Commerce & Transport (Commerce)




Commerce & Transport (Transport)


Junior M. V. I.








Auditor Local Fund




Small Savings Officer (Senior Grade)




Inspector of Commercial Tax








Auditor (Common Cadre)


Fisheries & Animal Resources Development






Statistical Investigator




Statistical Assistant




Agricultural Overseer


Forest & Environment




Food Supply and Consumer Welfare


Inspector of Weights and Measures




Assistant Analyst


General Administration


Junior Assistant of Heads of Departments




Junior Stenographer of Heads of Departments




Junior Typist of Heads of Departments


Health & Family Welfare










Prison Welfare Officers




Sub-divisional Probation Officers




After Care Officers




Sub-Inspector of Police








Laboratory Assistant




Sub-Assistant Jailor


1. Substituted vide G. A. Department notification No. 19559, dated the 27th July 1998.


2. & 5. Excluded vide G. A. Department notification No. 3591, dated the 4th February 1999.


3. & 4. Excluded vide G. A. Department notification No. 8780, dated the 27th March 1999.








Assistant Jailor








Wireless Assistant




A. S. I. (Mechanical)




A. S. I. (Operator)




Assistant Librarian




Women S. I.




Dog S. I.




Reporter S. I.




Steno S. I.




Handwriting Bureau S. I.




W. T. S. I.




Teleprinter S. I.




Photo S. I.




Operator S. I.




Station Officer (Fire Brigade)




Building S. I.




Junior Typist of Secretariat




Junior Stenographer of Secretariat




1[Junior Assistant of Secretariat]




2[Junior Stenographer A. S. I. (M)]


H. & U. D.






Industrial Promotion Officer


I. & P. R.


Radio Inspector




O. I. S. (Jr. Branch)


L. & E.


Junior Employment Officer




Rural Labour Inspector




Statistical Assistant




Assistant Labour Officer


Panchayati Raj




P. & C.


Statistical Investigator




Senior Economic Investigator






R. & E.


Excise Sub-Inspector






1. Included vide G. A. Department Notification No. 28455, dated the 6th October 1998.


2. Included vide G. A. Department Notification No. 34539, dated the 14th December 2000.


3. & 4. Excluded vide G. A. Department Notification No. 8780, dated the 27th March 1999.






Rural Development






Statistical Investigator




Statistical Assistant


Department of Steel & Mines


Assistant Geologist




Assistant Geophysicist




Senior Laboratory Assistant




Instrument Assistant




Scientific Assistant




Senior Surveyor




Junior Inspector of Mines


Sports & Youth Services


Assistant District Sports Officer






Tourism & Culture


Assistant Tourist Officer




District Cultural Officer


Handloom & Textile


Weaving Supervisor




Inspector of Textiles




Field Assistant Sericulture


Water Resources


Assistant Silt Analyst




Assistant Chemist




Assistant Embankment Inspector




Junior Laboratory Assistant






Works Department






Architectural Assistant


Women & Child Development


Statistical Assistant



(See rule 5)

1.                   Name of the post/services

2.                   Number of vacancies already existing on the 1st January of the year

3.                   Number of vacancies, likely to occur during the year

4.                   Total number of vacancies (2+3)

5.                   Number of permanent vacancies

6.                   Number of temporary vacancies likely to continue on permanent basis

7.                   Number of purely temporary vacancies


1. 2. & 3. Excluded vide G. A. Department Notification No. 8780, dated the 27th March 1999.


4. Substituted vide G. A. Department Notification No. 19439, dated the 28th June 1999.

8.                   Number of vacancies reserved for –

(a)                Scheduled Castes

(b)                Scheduled Tribes

(c)                Physically Handicapped

(d)                Ex-Servicemen

(e)                Sportsman

(f)                 Women

(g)                Socially & Educationally Backward Classes

9.                   Minimum educational qualification for the post

10.               Desirable qualification and experience

11.               Age-limit for the post

12.               Name of the appointing authority

13.               Scale of pay of the post

14.               Special provision provided under the relevant recruitment rules or instructions, if any.

15.               Any other information, if any.




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